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Superior Threads Holder Handy Stand
The coolest thing since sliced bread!

For best stitching results it is important
that the thread 
unwinds of the spool or
in the same pattern that it was
wound onto the spool or cone.
Superior Threads has developed a thread
holder stand that is used 
with any home
sewing machine 
to meet this need.

Video from Superior Threads


Pattern cards for use with precut fabrics


Where you find
quality quilt fabrics by:

Benartex, Blank Quilting, Clothworks,
Hoffman, Kaufman,
Moda, Northcott,
Quilting Treasures, RJR, Red Rooster,
Timeless Treasures,
 Wilmington, and more.

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What We Offer to Our Valued Customers

Quilt Fabrics are Just the Beginning

Quilt Fabrics

Happy Apple Quilts proudly offers fabric online, including quilt fabrics, quilt wide back fabrics, and quilting supplies, such as quilt kits, quilt patterns and quilting books and magazines. We also offer sewing notions and other items of interest for quilters and sewing enthusiasts, such as T-shirts with clever quilting-related sayings on them.

We feature more than 2,000 quilt fabrics by top manufacturers, organized by category, collection, company and color for easy shopping. You can also search by keywords for more direct results to find exactly what you are looking for. Our large numbers of visitors love the many categories of products we offer, such as Baby & Kids, Batiks, Blenders & Basics, Charms & Precuts, Clothing, Cotton knits, Flannel, Floral, Novelty, Panels, Patriotic Fabric, Rayon Batiks, and Wides for Backing.

Enjoy our incredible selection of fabrics, patterns and notions!

Check out our new arrivals and clearance sales daily to find the best deals possible.

Why We Stand Out

We Offer the Best in Quilt Fabrics

Quilt Fabrics at Happy Apple Quilts in Palm Harbor, FLAt Happy Apple Quilting, we are pleased to provide our customers with the very best in quilt fabrics because we know that even the most skilled quilters can be limited by the quality of the quilt fabrics and equipment they use.

Selling fabric online means we can offer a quality and a wide spectrum of products at affordable prices. These are some of the most important features of our products:    
  •        Top quality fabrics
  •        Top brand names
  •        Quilt shop quality
  •        Thread count
  •        Fabric finish (also known as “hand”)
  •        Colorfastness and color quality
  •        Designed by top fabric designers
  •        Variety and selection

     We offer the excellent fabrics and tools to help quilters create true masterpieces and the kind of quilts that future generations will pass on with pride.

We Offer the Most Benefits

Dill buttons, Superior Thread, Aurifil thread, Hotfix Crystals

Why choose us over the competition? With so many advantages when it comes to affordability and quality, it’s no wonder so many people choose us when it’s time to buy quilting supplies and fabric online. There are many reasons why customers return to us time after time:
  • Premium fabrics produce finest quilts
  •      The nicest finish and workmanship comes from quality fabric
  •      Long lasting: color and fiber durability
  •      Quality quilts are heirlooms of the future
  •      Our website is easy to use, with excellent images
  •      Organization by fabric categories, collections and colors
  •      Fast, personal service
  •      Low shipping rates

We love providing these great features because quilting is not just a business with us -- it is our passion. We know that even the most skilled quilters can be limited by the quality of the fabric and equipment being used. That’s why we will never compromise the best to help quilters create true masterpieces. These are the kind of quilts that future generations will pass on with pride and that will make us proud too.

We have been quilting for many years.  We know why we love it and we know why you love it too.  We know the thrill of meandering through a quilt shop.  Now we want to share that thrill with you even though you are sitting beside your computer at home. You still get to pick and choose all the fabrics, all the patterns, all the colors and all the tools as if you were with us right here.

We are honored to help fellow quilters bring their own creative visions into reality. We supply you with the fabric online and the equipment. You just need to add your gifted fingers to make it real.

Happy Apple Quilts – A Family Affair
Sharen Weber and Karen Grof of Happy Apple Quilts

How We Got Here
Happy Apple Quilts began in 2005 as the team effort of twin sisters Karen Grof and Sharen Weber. The name ‘Happy Apple’ comes from our happy childhood memories of our parents’ apple orchard in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  We would gather apples, make lots of apple sauce and apple pie and chomp it all down with our mom, dad and extended family members.  And we would quilt.  The name symbolizes fun times, simple pleasures, and family.

Originally started as a pattern designed company, Happy Apple Quilts has grown into a multi-faceted quilting and sewing supplier.  Like all quilters, we just couldn’t help ourselves. There are always so many more fabrics, more designs and ideas. So we kept adding. More new techniques. More new tools.  We just didn’t stop.

In addition to selling fabric online , Happy Apple Quilts began selling quilt fabrics at Sue’s Bay Area Sewing in Palm Harbor, FL in early 2008. We quickly outgrew our corner of the shop and teamed up with longarm quilter, Barb Linares of Crafty Threads. In August of 2010 we together opened a quilter’s destination shop: Crafty Threads, Tampa, FL. We offer our thanks and gratitude to Crafty Threads for 2 years of graciously allowing us the opportunity to grow our business as well as theirs. On October 4, 2012 Happy Apple Quilts opened our own quilt shop in Palm Harbor, We are located in the Shoppes of Cloverplace, 3335 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684. The shop phone number is 727-786-0080.

From our northern location in Michigan, Sharen maintains our Happy Apple Quilts website and business office. She visits the Florida location 3 or 4 times a year and stays in touch daily.  With the shop and the website, we are able to reach a greater number of quilting friends than ever before, while remaining a small and intimate family business.

We would love to have you join our quilting circle of friends.

We are mobile: find on your mobile device.

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 Happy Apple Quilts, 3335 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34684