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"The intricate designs and lush colors of Hoffman's Handpaints and Batiks are so detailed, it's difficult to imagine that every yard is produced by hand. And yet that's just what happens at the Hoffman facilities in Bali. Fabrics are either batiked or painted with dye or undergo a combination of methods." from

Please order fabrics in quarter yard increments, using decimals:.25, .5, .75, 1.0, 1.25 etc.  Thank you.
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2664 390)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2664 390)Tonal batik with purple leaf texture
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2665 329)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2665 329)Tonal batik with green and blue floral texture
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2668 417)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2668 417)Tonal batik with pink vines texture
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2668 A25)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2668 A25)Tonal batik with beige vines texture
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2668 443)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2668 443)White tonal batik with blue vines texture
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2670 123)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2670 123)Tonal batik with blue diamond texture
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2681 87)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2681 87)Snowflakes arranged on a dark blue background
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2641-553)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2641-553)Tropical green leaf pattern
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2634-584)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2634-584)Gray tonal batik
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2633-432)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2633-432)Golden brown floral batik
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2631-553)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2631-553)Tropical green tonal batik with a striped dot pattern
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2630-562)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2630-562)Tonal swirled pattern in marbled purple
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2625-382)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2625-382)Marbled purple blender with crossed lines
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2622-277)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2622-277)Orange honeycomb batik
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2621-413)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2621-413)Green batik with rings of dots
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2621-496)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2621-496)Yellow batik with rings of dots
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2619-525)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2619-525)Bright red, yellow, and purple batik
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: 840-382)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: 840-382)Marbled purple batik
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2634-511)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2634-511)Tan tonal batik
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2623-157)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2623-157)Dots and curves form circles
HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2623-403)HOFFMAN BALI BATIK (SKU: L2623-403)Dots and curves form circles
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