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ASPURRAGUS QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK137)Includes Helene's recipe for Turkey Asparagus Roll
AVOCATO QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK61)Includes Helene's recipe for Chicken & Avocado Salad
BANANA CAT QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK79)Includes Helene's recipe for Banana Nut Pancakes
BOSCAT QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK62)Includes Helene's recipe for Brie Turnovers with Pear Compote
BROC-KITTY QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK73)Includes Helene's recipe for Turkey Divan
CAULIPUSS QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK67)Includes Helene's recipe for Cheese & Sesame Cauliflower
EGGPLANT PURR-MESAN QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK70)Includes Helene's recipe for Eggplant Parmesan
GOURDO GATO QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK69)Includes Helene's recipe for Stuffed Delicata Squash
LE ARTI-CHAT QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK82)Includes Helene's recipe for Hot Artichoke Dip
PICKLE PUSS QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK75)Includes Helene's recipe for Marinated Cucumber Zakuska
PIPPIN PUSS QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK84)Includes Helene's recipe for French Apple Tart
PUMPKAT QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK65)Includes Helene's recipe for Pumpkin Spoonbread
PURRSIMMON QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK77)Includes Helene's recipe for Persimmon Coffee Cake
STALKER QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK66)Includes Helene's recipe for Cream of Chicken and Winter Vegetable Soup
STRAWPURRY QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK138)Includes Helene's recipe for Strawberry Shortcake
TATER PUSS QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK83)Includes Helene's recipe for Swedish Roasted Potato Fans
WALLA WALLA KITTY QUILT PATTERN (SKU: SQSP-HK64)Includes Helene's recipe for Walla Walla Sweet Onion Strips

Garden Patch Cats is a collection of quilt patterns by Helene Knott. Each pattern makes an 18" quilt block featuring a whimsical appliqued cat in the shape of a vegetable. Use the quilt block as a small quilt wall hanging or combine it with other blocks from the Garden Patch Cats collection to make a larger quilt. Each pattern also includes instructions for more than one applique method and a recipe for the vegetable featured in the pattern. The Garden Patch Cats pattern collection now includes 13 patterns and each pattern name's is a pun on the vegetable and cats.

Now a well known lecturer, teacher and designer, Helene Knott began quilting in 1973. Her lectures and workshops inspire quilters with a variety of methods and techniques including various applique techniques, landscape and pictorial design and color theory.

Helene Knott's quilts have won numerous awards at local, regional and national shows.

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