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The quilting community is a very caring and giving group of people. From individuals to guilds and societies to businesses and manufacturers, quilters use their talents and love of quilting to help others. Moda’s owner and president, Howard Marcus Dunn, is no exception and annually offers Collections for a Cause featuring his Howard Marcus line of fabrics which are inspired by his extensive collection of antique quilts.
2013 Collections for a Cause is Historical Blenders by Howard Marcus. The 4-H Club, a leader in youth development will benefit from proceeds of the sale of Historical Blenders. A collection of quilting essentials, Historical Blenders are inspired by prints originating between 1825 and 1840. The vintage palette of tea-dyes, golds, reds, browns, and blues will give quilts richness on their own and also work beautifully as basics for many reproduction prints.

HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46164-15)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46164-15)Brown checked pattern
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46171-17)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46171-17)Marbled brown fabric
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-11)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-11)Red dots on tan
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-19)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-19)Light blue dots on dark blue
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46167-22)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46167-22)Diagonal dashed lines in red
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-13)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-13)Blue flowers on beige
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-15)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-15)Blue flowers on gray
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46164-18)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46164-18)Red checked pattern
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-16)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-16)Tan dots on brown
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-24)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-24)Light brown dots on yellow
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-31)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46165-31)Dark brown dots on red
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-14)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-14)Yellow flowers on brown
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-16)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-16)Tan flowers on blue
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-18)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46169-18)Brown flowers on yellow
HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46164-21)HISTORICAL BLENDER (SKU: 46164-21)Blue checked pattern
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