Let Us Make Your T-Shirt Quilt For You!

T-shirt quilts are made at Happy Apple Quilts in Tampa, FL  have a t-shirt quilt made at Happy Apple quilts in Tampa FL

Bring us your collection of T-shirts and we will make your quilt!

 Our T-shirt quilts are different than the traditional design of uniformly sized squares set in rows and columns with sashing between the squares. We do not use a standard design for quilts so each
one is unique. Your T-shirts are cut into various sized blocks that fit the logo of the T-shirt and the blocks are sewn together in a collage style design. The quilt is then machine quilted. We want your T-shirt to be soft, so we make each one without sashing or iron-on interfacing.

 Have a t-shirt quilt made at Happy Apple Quilts in Tampa, FL
Here’s How We Make T-Shirt Quilts:
We allow any number of T-shirts for your quilt.

The quilt backing and binding is a solid color of your choice.

Our goal is to cut your T-shirts within 72 hours of receiving them.

We then calculate the size of your quilt and email it to you for your approval. We will also let you know the estimated date of completion.

Once a size is decided upon, we draw a map of your quilt in a computer-drafting program and assign a placement for each of your T-shirt blocks. However, because we do not physically lay your quilt out, we cannot send you a picture of what it will look like before it is sewn.

Your blocks are then sewn together and the layers are machine quilted.

The quilt is finished with a binding that matches the backing fabric.

We will then notify you to come pick up your quilt. That’s the best part!


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