Use 106" to 108" wide fabrics and save!
SAVE 30% TO 40% compared to 44" fabric
And, there's no seam in your backing
All wide backs are quilt quality 100% cotton

RHODA RUTH (SKU: AZHX-16360-293)RHODA RUTH (SKU: AZHX-16360-293)Grey wideback , 108"
RHODA RUTH (SKU: AZHX-16360-360)RHODA RUTH (SKU: AZHX-16360-360)Teal wideback , 108"
MODA (SKU: 11108-163)MODA (SKU: 11108-163)Grunge Grey wideback blender, 108"
OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-N)OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-N)Navy wideback blender, 108"
OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-V)OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-V)Grape wideback blender, 108"
OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-Y)OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-Y)Royal wideback blender, 108"
OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-H)OMBRE SCROLL (SKU: 24775-H)Lime wideback blender, 108"
BELLA BLACK (SKU: 11082-99)BELLA BLACK (SKU: 11082-99)Bella Black wideback fabric , 108"
FLANNEL WIDEBACK (SKU: 151411WHT)FLANNEL WIDEBACK (SKU: 151411WHT)White flannel wideback fabric , 108"
FLANNEL SPRAY BATIK (SKU: 10604-900-WB)FLANNEL SPRAY BATIK (SKU: 10604-900-WB)Shazaam multi wideback flannel batik , 108"
FLANNEL SPRAY BATIK (SKU: 10604-930-WB)FLANNEL SPRAY BATIK (SKU: 10604-930-WB)Blue Bell wideback flannel batik , 108"
BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10804-271-WB)BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10804-271-WB)Petunia wideback batik , 108"
BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10802-904-WB)BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10802-904-WB)Aruba Garden wideback batik , 108"
BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10802-909-WB)BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10802-909-WB)Pecon Lavender wideback batik , 108"
BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10804-438-WB)BATIK WIDE (SKU: 10804-438-WB)Olivine wideback batik , 108"
TONGA BATIK (SKU: XB2265-BRIGHT)TONGA BATIK (SKU: XB2265-BRIGHT)Tonga batik bright wideback , 108"
TONGA BATIK (SKU: XB9856-SCUBA)TONGA BATIK (SKU: XB9856-SCUBA)Tonga batik scuba wideback , 108"
TONGA BATIK (SKU: XB2273-FOREST)TONGA BATIK (SKU: XB2273-FOREST)Tonga batik forest wideback , 108"
DOTTY SPIRAL (SKU: B2336-FOREST-W)DOTTY SPIRAL (SKU: B2336-FOREST-W)Forest Batik wideback , 108"
TONGA BATIK (SKU: B3838-GINGER-W)TONGA BATIK (SKU: B3838-GINGER-W)Tonga batik ginger wideback , 108"
WHISPER COLLECTION (SKU: WB6696-MUDX-D)WHISPER COLLECTION (SKU: WB6696-MUDX-D)Whisper collection white and grey wideback , 108"
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Please order fabrics in quarter yard increments, using decimals: .5, .75, 1.0, 1.25 etc., with a minimum of .5 yards per order.  Thank you.

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